On the Way

For some years I have thought of travel not as a vacation. My intention is to get to know the places with an experience similar to that of a local. No time limits and with a map that is based more on my interests than tourist indicators.

Photography and travel today are at a peak and expansion never seen before. The taste for traveling and/or photography is not something out of the ordinary, but what is interesting is the different points of view we have about each place and our way of approaching it. In my case it is like a game that I also enjoy a lot.

Here I share some of the photographic record of those trips, which has no other objective than to recreate those experiences.

Design & Lighting

Since I was a child I have had a special bond with paper. This was the support for the creation of worlds and the expression of emotions. A few years ago it began to attract my attention as something so light and malleable could become so rigid and strong as to support almost 100 times its weight.
And just like a hobby that took me off the screen for a while, I began to experiment with different techniques and papers and little by little these lamps appeared.